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What happens to a person is less signigicant
than what happens within

The crew of Worthington Excavating, Inc. just finished their 25th season, with 6 of the employees having been there all 25 years. In 1978 Tom Murphy (TR) started TR Murphy Contracting - a small gravel hauling and excavating business. Tom treated his employees like family and was well known in the community. So it came as quite a shock when he died of a sudden heart attach at the age of 49, in the spring of 1998. Everyone was in shock.

Tom's wife, Susanne, decided to stay in business with the dedicated crew. The team of approximately 20 employees crushes gravel, hauls all types of aggregates, does site excavation, clearing and grubbing, demolition, snow removal, etc. They have been privileged to do a great deal of site work in Worthington - including various city streets, the Bedford Industries addition, Sioux Valley Clinic, Blue Line Truck Stop, 4 X 4 Truck wash, Ron's Repair, various jobs for Swift, the new Ground Round, the strip mall site, Prairie Justiece Center, MN Soybean Processors, etc.. just to name a few.

The hard working fun loving spirit of TR Murphy continues as this crew continues on the journey. There is a loyalty among this group of 20 - some employees, second to none. When TR died, many feared (and predicted) the business would die too. But this group has beaten the odds - and looks to a promising future with a "can-do" attitude.